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CD 6 "Adventures with Alkan"

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 Our sixth CD is the much-anticipated release of Charles Valentin Alkan's piano works, played by virtuoso Lloyd Buck, including the incredible "Scherzo Focoso", which along with "Fantasticheria" has never before been recorded on to CD.

Even more incredibly, the Scherzo was recorded in a straight take during a practice session at the Royal Northern College of Music in Manchester, England.

The CD, as described on our website, is available directly from us here at our online shop.

The costs of this recording, done as it was at short notice, have been high, so regretfully we have been forced to increase the price from our usual £9.99 to £12.99. Having said that, for a CD of this quality and uniqueness, we have still managed to keep the price at the lower end of "mid-price" and we trust that those who hear it will still consider it extremely good value.

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Jordan Smith - U.S.A.
5 Stars

Since the severely under-rated music of C.V. Alkan has been battling for almost a century to come out of obscurity, I am always appreciative to the pianists who take the effort to perform and record this music. I am even more grateful to those few pianists who choose to perform or record very-little-known Alkan works. That is why I was so excited and appreciative to Lloyd Buck and Amemptos Music. When I first discovered this CD, it did not take me long to put it right at the top of my must-buy list. A quick glance at the works performed on the CD revealed works I had either rarely heard recorded or never even heard performed. I made up in my mind that I must purchase this CD. After having some trouble making the import purchase from the U.K., I was personally contacted by Amemptos Music, who worked with me to make sure I found a retailer in my country - Records International - who carried the CD. I am thankful to both Lloyd Buck and Amemptos Music for producing such an excellent product and for their exemplary customer service.